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For their third album, Systems of Romance , Ultravox abandoned the exclamation mark in their name. Also missing was their first guitarist, Stevie Shears, who was replaced by Robin Simon , from Neo . The album was co-produced by Conny Plank . Two singles were released from the album, " Slow Motion " and " Quiet Men ". Sales were modest, but the album did gain the band exposure to a wider audience, including the United States.

Jackson, Bernard, DB, Tennessee    2002
Jackson, Charles, S, Texas Tech    1987
Jackson, DeSean, WR, California    2014
Jackson, Ladairis, DE, Oregon State     2002-03
Jackson, Leroy, RB, Western Illinois    1962-63
Jackson, Rob, DE/LB, Kansas State     2008-13
Jackson, Steve, LB, Texas-Arlington    1966-67
Jackson, Trenton, WR, Illinois     1967
Jackson, Wilbur, FB, Alabama     1980-82
Jacobs, Jack, QB, Oklahoma     1946
Jacobs, Taylor, WR, Florida     2003-05
Jacoby, Joe, T/G, Louisville    1981-93
Jaffurs, John, G, Penn State    1946
Jagielski, Harry, T, Indiana     1956
James, Dick, RB, Oregon    1956-63
James, Erasmus, DE, Wisconsin    2008
Janowicz, Vic, B, Ohio State     1954-55
Jansen, Jon, T, Michigan    1999-08
Jaqua, Jon, S, Lewis & Clark    1970-72
Jarmon, Jeremy, LB, Kentucky    2009-10
Jarrett, Craig, P, Michigan State    2002
Jeffcoat, Jackson, LB, Texas    2014
Jefferson, Roy, WR, Utah    1971-76
Jencks, Bob, K/E, Miami (OH)    1965
Jenkins, Brandon, LB, Florida State    2013
Jenkins, Jacque, FB, Vanderbilt     1943, 1946
Jenkins, James, TE, Rutgers    1991-00
Jenkins, Jarvis, DE, Clemson    2012-14
Jenkins, Ken, RB, Bucknell     1985-86
Jessie, Tim, RB, Auburn    1987
Jimoh, Ade, DB, Utah State    2003-06
Johnson, AJ, CB, SW Texas State    1989-94
Johnson, Andre, T, Penn State    1996
Johnson, Billy, WR, Widener     1988
Johnson, Brad, QB, Minnesota    1999-2000
Johnson, Bryan, FB, Boise State    2000-03
Johnson, Dennis, DT, Delaware    1974-77
Johnson, Domonique, CB, Jackson State    2012
Johnson, Jimmie, TE, Howard    1989-91
Johnson (Howard), Joe, WR, Notre Dame    1989-91
Johnson, Larry, C, Haskell Indian    1933-35, 1944
Johnson, Larry, RB, Penn State     2010
Johnson, Mitch, T, UCLA    1966-68, 1972
Johnson, Patrick, WR, Oregon     2003
Johnson, Randy, QB, Texas A&I    1975
Johnson, Richard, WR, Colorado     1987
Johnson, Rob, QB, USC    2003
Johnson, Robert, TE, Auburn      2005
Johnson, Sidney, CB, California    1990-92
Johnson, Tim, DT, Penn State     1990-95
Johnson, Tre, T, Temple     1994-00,02
Johnston, Jim, B, Washington    1939-40
Jones, Aki, DL, Fordham    2005
Jones, Anthony, TE, Wichita State    1984-88
Jones, Chuck, E, George Washington     1955
Jones, David, C, Texas    1987
Jones, David, CB, Wingate    2012
Jones, Deacon, DE, Mississippi Vocational    1974
Jones, Greg, LB, Colorado    1997-00
Jones, Harvey, B, Baylor     1947
Jones, Jimmie, DE, Wichita State     1971-73
Jones, Joe, DE, Tennessee State    1979-80
Jones, Kenyatta, OL, South Florida    2003-04
Jones, Larry, WR, NE Missouri State    1974-77
Jones, Levi, OT, Arizona State    2009
Jones, Melvin, G, Houston    1981
Jones, Robert, LB, East Carolina     2001
Jones, Rod, OL, Kansas (IR)    2002
Jones, Stan, DT, Maryland     1966
Jordan, Akeem, LB, James Madison    2014
Jordan, Curtis, FS, Texas Tech    1981-86
Jordan, Jeff, RB, Washington    1971-72
Joseph, Joe, DL, Miami    2010
Joseph, Ricot, DB, Central Florida     2002
Junker, Steve, E, Xavier    1961-62
Junkin, Trey, LB, Louisiana Tech     1984
Jurgensen, Sonny, QB, Duke    1964-74
Justice, Charlie, RB, North Carolina    1950, 1952-54
Justice, Ed, B, Gonzaga    1936-42
Juzwik, Steve, B, Notre Dame    1942

John Foxx + Harold Budd - Translucence + Drift MusicJohn Foxx + Harold Budd - Translucence + Drift MusicJohn Foxx + Harold Budd - Translucence + Drift MusicJohn Foxx + Harold Budd - Translucence + Drift Music

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