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Moustaki was born Yussef Mustacchi on the 3rd May 1934 in Alexandria, Egypt, of Sephardic Jewish parents who had moved there from Corfu, and who ran a bookshop in the city. The family spoke Italian at home, but Georges (then Yussef) spoke Arabic with his friends and attended a French school to which his Francophile parents sent him and his sisters. In 1951 he moved to Paris, where he was… read more

This 21-track ‘best of’ album is an eye-opening exploration into the history of Pink Martini. The album features nearly 75 minutes of the band’s most acclaimed numbers as well as eight previously unreleased tracks, all in a deluxe packaging that includes a 48-page photo book of rare Polaroids taken by bandleader Thomas M. Lauderdale. A Retrospective spans the band’s 16-plus year career and features appearances by Saori Yuki, Hiroshi Wada, Michael Feinstein, Georges Moustaki and Director Gus Van Sant making his recording debut.

Metics whose family had lived in Athens for generations may have been tempted to " pass " as citizens. On a number of occasions there were purges of the citizen lists, effectively changing people who had been living as citizens into metics. In typical Athenian fashion, a person so demoted could mount a challenge in court. If however the court decided the ejected citizen was in fact a metic, he would be sent down one further rung and sold into slavery.

Georges Moustaki* Moustaki - Bahia / CantiqueGeorges Moustaki* Moustaki - Bahia / CantiqueGeorges Moustaki* Moustaki - Bahia / CantiqueGeorges Moustaki* Moustaki - Bahia / Cantique

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